What will the election results mean to your portfolio?  Find out in our Post-Election Summit!

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We live in dangerous times, in which our freedoms and wealth are threatened as never before. The November 2020 election has become “the most important election of the 21st century” due to the stark differences in the two parties. Trump and the Republicans are struggling to maintain power in the face of a never-ending pandemic, and their policies of tax cuts, deregulation and appointment of conservative judges could be overturned soon.

If the Biden/Harris ticket wins and the Democrats take over the House and the Senate, what will this mean for investors, entrepreneurs, and the citizens of America? Will the stock market crash and gold soar? Biden & Co. have promised massive tax increases on the rich and successful, the elimination of the long-term capital gains ‘break’ on stocks, bonds, gold, silver and real estate (with tax rates exceeding 50%)….They have also promised socialistic programs like Medicare for All, free college tuition, a New Green Deal, a wealth tax, severe limitations on free speech, a new Supreme Court, all on top of out-of-control government spending. The Great Suppression has begun!

World-Class Speakers

Will our freedoms and standard of living be curtailed due to new government policies?  Will our wealth come under attack with new taxes, inflation and regulation?  Will tech and gold be the favorite stocks after the November elections?   We have brought out the best and the brightest analysts in finance, economics and politics to answer your questions.  

Mark Skousen

Editor, Forecasts & Strategies, and one of the world’s top 20 living economists

John Fund

Senior editor of National Review and the foremost authority on politics and elections, will assess the good, the bad and the ugly coming out of the November elections.

Jim Woods

Editor of “Successful Investing” and the world’s #3 financial blogger

Jo Ann Skousen

Managing editor of Forecasts & Strategies. Director, Anthem Film Festival

Hilary Kramer

Author “GameChangers” (and boy, has the game been changed!) and editor of the highly successful trading service “Two-Day Trader”

Bryan Perry

Editor of “Cash Machine,” which specializes in high income investing

Adrian Day

Founder of Adrian Day Asset Management and the world’s top authority on global investing and mining stocks, will offer specific advice on the outlook for global investing and gold and silver, with specific recommendations from blue chip miners to penny stocks that are likely to double or triple in the next year.

Sean Flynn

An economics professor at Scripps College (Clermont) and principal author of the top economics textbook in the country, will assess the “New Normal” after the elections — how to survive and prosper in an age of higher taxes, growing deficits and more regulations. As the author of “The Cure That Works,” he will update us on the future of health care and the pandemic.

Barbara Kolm

Vice president of the central bank of Austria, Barbara is the founder of the Free Market Road Show and holds in the executive management of private enterprises and NGOs. In 2017, Newsmax voted her into the leading position among Europeans, and she was ranked 64th among the top 100 most influential liberal thinkers globally, as one of only 15 women, for her initiatives in providing free market solutions to today’s challenges. The Austrian Economics Center and the Friedrich August von Hayek Institute have reached top international rankings under her leadership.

David T. Phillips

CEO and founder Estate Planning Specialists, LLC. Frequent guest on national television including: CNN, Fox News, CNBC, Money Talks, and Bloomberg. Mr. Phillips is CEO of Phillips Financial Services and founder and CEO of Estate Planning Specialists. With clients in every state, his companies have assisted thousands of Americans in properly planning their estates.

World-Class Entertainment

Ryan Ahern will be entertaining all guests on Friday night. He is a champion pianist and is one of the most captivating and amazing piano artists in the world

Why You Should Attend

  • You are getting information mainly from popular media. This is an event that goes well beyond what in many cases the public is brainwashed into believing. It gives an accurate depiction of what is currently happing in our culture and our economy. 
  • Speakers will not hold back and will share information that is not in the public domain. This is an event to be attended by anyone who truly wishes to be informed.

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